What If i Fall Print

I adore this quote!

The wreath is a sketch from my notebook which I turned into a print & placed the handwritten quote within.

Amelia Fisher - John.jpg


A floral bespoke commission created for a truly unique wedding present.

Hand drawn with pen and digitally manipulated to turn the design to natural green tones.


At college I always loved creating the sketchbook which accompanied a final project rather than the finished piece itself, so it was fate when I discovered my university course – Book Art and Design.

Scribbling & painting into a sketchbook is one of my favourite things!

Screen Shot 2019-04-29 at 22.37.01.png

to kill a mockingbird print

This print is a mix of watercolour and digital, the mockingbird within was hand drawn and painted with watercolour & the background and leaves are all digitally drawn.

Fun fact: This print was commissioned to feature in a TV set.